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2021 Packaging industry cutting machine

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2021 Packaging industry cutting machine

Packaging is an industry that produces and sells packaging materials


Currently, the main problems facing packaging companies are

1. The manual cutting efficiency of non-metallic materials is low and non-standard, and the contour cutting of complex printing patterns cannot be completed manually

2. There are many kinds of materials in the industry, which require various equipment and procedures, which take up more space

3. Many small batch orders are not suitable for assembly line production. The small batch carton industry must select equipment for processing, which cannot be achieved by manual and traditional equipment

4. The requirements of customers are getting higher and higher, traditional crafts can no longer meet the requirements of customers, the salary of professional and technical personnel is getting higher and higher, and the management difficulty is getting more and more difficult.

5. Laser cutting and traditional equipment pollute the environment


I recommend YUCHEN CNC cutting machine to you. After purchasing YUCHEN CNC cutting machine, these problems will be solved.

1. It can replace traditional manual or semi-mechanical cutting methods to reduce labor costs

2. Use industrial cameras to clearly extract contours, generate cutting paths, and cut easily

3. It is best that one machine can cut a variety of materials to adapt to economic development

4. High-quality cutting, to solve the problem of small order quantity and inconsistent order quality.

5. The CNC cutting operating system is simple, don’t worry about recruiting

6. Very friendly to the environment, no pollution

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