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About Yuchen oscillating cutting machine

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About Yuchen oscillating cutting machine

1.Question: What is the max cutting thickness of oscillating cutting machine ?

Answer: The standard cutting thickness is 0.1-20mm(the max cutting thickness is 100mm upon request

2.Question: What materials can the oscillating knife cutting machine cut?

Answer: Oscillating cutting machine can cut all the flexible materials such as (under 80mm thickness):Various fabrics,leather,artificial leather,PVC,soft glass,fur,sofa cloth,carpet,carton,composite materials,sponge,asbestos,graphite sheet,PTFE plate,rubber honeycomb panel,corrugated paper, pearl foam,foam KT board and other flexible materials.

3.Question: Is it difficult to operate oscillating cutting machine ?

Answer: Our equipment is very intelligent, after you choose our machine, we will provide operation video.

Generally,according to our video, as long as you understand CAD, you can learn it in two hours. And we have professional technicians who will help you to install, guide and train


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