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Advantages of Yuchen Fur Cutting

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Advantages of Yuchen Fur Cutting

No need to punch board, import data, cut directly

Super nesting software, saving more than 10% of material, CCD vision automatically recognizes contours and defects, automatic nesting, cutting (leather) software intelligent compensation, cutting accuracy ±0.1mm, equipment accuracy ±0.03mm, efficient cutting, one device replaces more than 5 person

Cutting speed 1500mm/s (different materials, different speed and cutting precision), Translation speed 2000mm/s

Smokeless, tasteless, environmentally friendly and not sloppy, meeting the higher requirements of customers

The Oscillating cutting machine cut fur is smoke-free, tasteless, does not damage the hair, has high precision, and is fast. It is suitable for imitation wool, real wool, flannel, polar fleece, granular fleece, etc., and the automatic strip alignment system is equipped with automatic typesetting software. Automatic cutting of striped fur, intelligent compensation software, to ensure the accuracy of fur cutting.

As far as cutting is concerned, it takes about 10-20 minutes to cut a piece manually. According to the normal working hours of 8 hours, you can imagine how low the workload of a day is when you remove the rest time. In addition, the labor cost is constantly increasing. increase. Fully automatic fur cutting equipment can complete a set of cutting in about two minutes.

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