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Advantages of car mat cutting machine

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Advantages of car mat cutting machine

1. Using vibrating knife cutting technology

There is no need to make knife molds, which saves the cost and time of knife mold manufacturing, management, and storage in the production and development process. It completely bids farewell to the traditional manual knife mold cutting process, completely breaks the bottleneck of the enterprise's dependence on skilled workers, and takes the lead in entering the digital knifeless mold Processing era.

2. Multifunctional cutting head design

Highly integrated multiple sets of processing tools, interactive cutting, punching, and marking can be carried out in one work unit to realize one-stop operation.

3. Make your model more attractive

It is able to complete the pattern cutting with high difficulty, complicated styles, and the knife mold can not realize, greatly expand the design space of shoe pattern designers, and create new styles that cannot be imitated by manual cutting, so that the design can truly achieve "don't be afraid of being impossible, but surrounded by feet Mat cutting machine, I'm afraid of the "unexpected" realm.

4. Realize a digital zero inventory strategy

The powerful nesting and counting system can realize automatic nesting, counting, and leather foot pad cutting machine, so as to calculate the cost and control the distribution of materials.

5. Improve the effective utilization of materials

Through the projection of the projector or the camera to capture the outline of the leather, it can effectively identify the defects of the leather. And according to the natural texture of the leather, the cutting direction can be adjusted arbitrarily to increase the yield and reduce the loss, thereby increasing the effective utilization of the material.

6. Avoid causing hidden waste

Through computer simulation of each operation process, program operation is realized, which eliminates the interference of traditional cutting materials due to personal factors such as workers' emotions, technology, fatigue, etc., avoids hidden waste, thereby increasing the utilization rate of materials. 

7. The template can be modified in time

It saves the time of developing and boarding. The foot pad cutting machine can quickly produce boards and quickly change boards to adapt to the rapidly changing market demand. The same board level adjustment can compete with competitors in 2-3 days, helping you quickly seize market opportunities.

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