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Anti-magnetic stickers

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Anti-magnetic stickers

Anti-magnetic stickers are a kind of rubber containing magnetic powder, very thin and not magnetized, with the effect of electromagnetic wave prevention, anti-magnetic stickers are generally small-scale customized products, so we need a device that can be used with cutting, and Yuchon computer cutting equipment can solve this problem.

Anti-magnetic paste cutting machine, also known as computer anti-magnetic paste cutting machine, is a computer controlled, blade cutting equipment, with smokeless, dust-free cutting characteristics. Its cutting process is very simple, which can be divided into four steps, including importing graphics, placing materials on the feeding rack, executing cutting instructions and starting blanking. Its cutting advantages are as follows:

1. High cutting accuracy, the equipment adopts pulse positioning system, positioning accuracy ±0.01mm, the cutting accuracy depends on the elastic index of the material.

2. Support cutting any shape, the equipment adopts data cutting, the shape of the plane drawing is the direction of the equipment cutting.

3. High efficiency, the equipment adopts brushless servo motor, running speed ±2000mm/s.

4. Save material, the equipment adopts computer automatic typesetting system, the drawing lines to be cut into the area to be cut, the equipment can automatically typesetting. Compared with manual typesetting, equipment typesetting saves more than 15%.

Anti-magnetic paste cutting machine support customized according to customer needs, the price will also change, the workbench area can be large or small, to cope with the use of part of the laboratory, the equipment has dozens of interchangeable tool heads, common tool heads are vibrating knife, round knife, pneumatic knife, knife, punching, etc.the increase of the tool needs additional configuration, details can consult online customer service.

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