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Apparel cloth cutting machine

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Apparel cloth cutting machine

The production line of the knife fabric cutting machine has reached the industry standard for more than 10 years in terms of quality, performance and engineering. The YC-1625 and YC-2125 cloth cutting machines are designed to provide the best performance, whether it is cutting complex jobs with small radius cuts or patterns, there are long-term, clean cuts.


This machine is suitable for cutting denim or silk, cotton or knitwear, canvas or synthetic fiber, glass fiber and industrial textiles.


Round knives are usually used to cut straight lines or curves with large radius, integrating versatility, power and ease of use. Round knives are designed for a wide range of applications, from the softest silk to the hardest industrial fabrics. With five different blade sizes, different horsepower ratings and customized gear ratios, the round knife is unparalleled in straight cuts. By choosing the smallest blade size to handle the current and expected maximum thickness, maximize performance and maneuverability. The possibilities of these powerful machines are endless.


The fabric knife cutting machine is a commonly used tool for cutting and laying in conventional cutting rooms, because it is versatile, easy to carry, more disciplined than belt knives, and easy to maintain. Even if the main cutting operation uses a belt knife, a straight knife will be used to divide the layup into multiple parts for easy operation.

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