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Application of cutting machine in sporting industry

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Application of cutting machine in sporting industry

Many manufacturers use artistic knives or scissors to cut by hand. But it is not easy to cut by hand, because the material structure is complex and the toughness is high. And the cutting accuracy is very poor.

"We have headaches and difficulties in cutting carbon materials." A manufacturer owner told me. So finding a good cutting machine is imminent. How to find a cutting machine and improve efficiency?

Now we strongly recommend that you Yuchen CNC cutting machine is good at cutting carbon materials. Many machines have been sent to France, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries for the surfboard and surf foil industry.


Advantages of Yuchen CNC Cutting Machine

1. Use a swing head to cut the preperg, and a high-speed rotating knife to cut the glass fiber.

2. Automatic nesting and automatic cutting. Save materials, save manuals, and cut more accurately.

3. Yuchen machine, with welding body, rack and pinion transmission, automatic adsorption platform, automatic feeding table. Electrical accessories are all famous brands. Such as Panasonic motors and drivers, Japanese Omron relays, Schneider Electric switches, German Igus cables and drag chains.

4. The machine warranty period is 1 year.

5. The machine has passed CE certification

6. Professional all-weather online after-sales service in English.


So if you want to give up manual cutting, save materials, cut more accurately, and make your work process more efficient. Take a look at the Yuchen CNC cutting machine here.

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