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CNC fabric knife cutting machine

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CNC fabric knife cutting machine

In applications where a single cloth cutting machine needs to perform multiple tasks. It is a straight knife and is known for its versatility. The machine's low profile, polished, streamlined bottom plate, regardless of the number of layers, is the perfect choice to reduce laying friction and deformation. The machine is made of high-quality materials to ensure the durability and long life of the machine. It has eight sizes, four varieties of strokes and a series of electrical specifications.


Rotating blades bring unlimited customization and precise fabric cutting for the first time in a family. Use it to cut cotton, wool, denim, etc. With its gliding, rolling effect, almost any fabric is cut quickly and accurately-no backing material.


The belt knife machine has a working surface and a knife that forms a movement circle during the fabric cutting process. In the working process, when the knife is in a fixed position, the fabric is moved and a continuous downward movement is performed. The belt knife has the characteristics of length, width and thickness. The machine has a smooth working surface and can be equipped with a special blowing system to facilitate the mobility of cutting fabrics. The belt knife machine can guarantee the highest precision of manual cutting.

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