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Can the cutting machine cut fur efficiently?

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Can the cutting machine cut fur efficiently?

Can the cutter cut fur effectively? The customer service department often raises this question to many fur customers. The answer is yes.


1. The fur cutting machine uses a vibrating knife to cut. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that it will not be burned like a laser cutting machine, and the surface is very smooth.

2. This is an intelligent cutting device for CNC flat panel. Only use the computer to design patterns, typesetting, and import data for effective cutting, and the material utilization rate can be increased by more than 50%, saving a lot of manpower. Cost saving is not a problem.


More features:

● Standard high-frequency flying knife, high cutting efficiency and good quality;

● High-standard structure design, stable and durable, fully meet the needs of long-term mass production;

● Specially designed for cutting plush fabrics, such as granular velvet, shearing wool, etc., with high cutting efficiency and will not damage the wool;

● Rolling table design, automatic cutting of coils, saving time and improving efficiency;

● Marketing and service outlets cover the world, 7x24 gold medal after-sales service;

● Provide a complete set of automation solutions for apparel companies to reduce labor costs.

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