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Carpet material cutting steps

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Carpet material cutting steps

YUCHEN CNC cutting machine is suitable for cutting carpet materials. When cutting carpets, the cutting quality is not uniform, and hard carpets are difficult to cut. YUCHEN CNC cutting machine can solve these problems very well. It brings huge productivity to users.


Cutting step

1. Ultra-automated CAD design: Use industrial vision system for edge recognition, no manual typesetting, easy edge search.

2. Layout system: The intelligent layout system cooperates with this system to optimize the layout to maximize the material utilization rate and increase the material utilization rate by at least 10%.

3. Cut: Compatible with multiple format files, simplify the operation steps, and start cutting after importing.



1. The professional industrial vision system can cut irregular graphics to ensure uniform cutting accuracy and high productivity.

2. The physical cutting method of the smart blade replaces laser cutting, which will not cause environmental pollution and provide a safe operating environment for employees.

3. YUCHEN CNC carpet cutting machine has a fast reading and changing tool module, which can be used for carpet cutting of different materials.

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