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Children’s Clothing Cutting Machine

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Children’s Clothing Cutting Machine

Applicable materials


It is suitable for the cutting of various fabrics such as leather, wool and composite fabrics.


Fabric cutting is an indispensable part of creating a project. Whether you are creating designer clothes, quilts, curtains, or embroidery works, you need to cut fabrics from original bolts or other media. Gone are the days when people only relied on scissors to complete this work. Now the clothing industry is moving towards fabric cutting machines of various shapes and sizes. They can create the perfect cut, make each body shape more symmetrical, and know that their size will always be consistent. This is especially important for ultra-expensive fabrics and difficult-to-cut designs. These machines can also cut other materials, including metal, glass, paper, and plastic. There are many types of cutting machines used in the clothing industry, which can be divided into several main categories, such as manual cutting machines, semi-automatic cutting machines and computer-controlled cutting machines. These methods vary depending on the cutting method and the process by which the operator performs the cutting.


Our company specializes in a fully automatic cutting process developed by the children's clothing cutting machine industry, which replaces the original cutting and the catcher in the cutting process, and realizes full intelligent cutting.


Now according to the improvement of the traditional fabric technology, the jacket part is omitted. After the original production, the template is cut according to the template, and the cutting edge is locked; all adopt our current automatic cutting bed.


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