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Corrugated paper cutting machine

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Corrugated paper cutting machine

    Corrugated paper is also called honeycomb cardboard according to the thickness. The thickness is within 0.5mm-5mm. The finished product processing needs to use cutting and indentation.

    Corrugated paper is a relatively common packaging material in life. It is used in the packaging of basically all kinds of items, and the demand is very large. Because corrugated paper is low in cost, it is often processed into packaging boxes of different sizes, even special-shaped boxes. Ordinary punches are due to the cost of molds High, it is not suitable for cutting, and it is impossible to purchase a single equipment for production. Most manufacturers who purchase corrugated paper cutting machines also need to meet the cutting of other materials, such as pearl cotton, hollow board, packaging film, epe cotton, etc. Our equipment adopts data cutting, no need for molds, which can save a lot of cost. One oscillating knife cutting machine supports cutting corrugated paper, EVA, pearl cotton, packaging paper, packaging film, hollow board, epe cotton and other materials, and supports automatic feeding and cutting in the process. , punching, indentation, beveling, blanking, etc.

    Yuchon oscillating knife corrugated paper cutting machine cutting advantages:

    1. Material saving, data import and cutting, computer intelligent typesetting, compared with manual work, typesetting material saving more than 15%.

    2. The cutting precision is high, the equipment adopts the pulse positioning system, and the positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm.

    3. The cutting effect is good, the equipment is non-thermal cutting, non-punch cutting, no deformation, no burr on the edge, no sawtooth.

    Yuchon corrugated paper cutting machine supports record cutting, replaces 4-6 labors as a whole, and promotes the digital production of packaging plants. It is suitable for the terminal products to design their own packaging forms, and is convenient for packaging proofing design. It is a digital cutting tool for packaging manufacturers.

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