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Diatom mud floor mat cutting machine

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Diatom mud floor mat cutting machine

    Diatom mud floor mat, a new product, is also the hottest product in the current market. Also called absorbent floor mat, technical cloth floor mat. The maximum width of the coil is 1.6 meters. You can print first and then cut, or you can cut first and then print.

    It uses a diatomaceous earth soft rubber bottom, the surface layer can accelerate the rapid penetration of water, and the rubber diatom foam layer is used inside the diatom mud floor mat, which can absorb water instantly and evaporate quickly. Its bottom has a non-slip texture, which can firmly grasp the ground, increase the friction force, will not move easily, and has a very strong grip. There is a polyester fiber layer inside, which is soft and comfortable and improves the feeling of use.

    Diatom mud floor mats explode, but this product cannot be cut manually, but can only be cut by machine, which is irreplaceable. Many young people are doing e-commerce and are reluctant to work as tailors. Affected by the difficulty in recruiting workers, the high cost of maintaining workers, and the poor management of personnel, many customers are also trying to use machines. At the same time, due to the influence of Pinduoduo stores, many factories have begun to adopt the process of unwrapping, and the finished product is finished after cutting. Therefore, most of the factories that do transfer printing are changing the cutting method and starting to use machine cutting. Because the machine cuts straight, the special-shaped cuts are beautiful.

    In response to these problems, Yuchen independently developed diatom mud cutting equipment to help users solve problems in a large area, effectively improve factory production capacity and reduce costs.

    Yuchen diatom mud cutting machine adopts self-developed control software, which can intelligently control the cutting of diatom mud floor mats globally, import customized cutting patterns with one key, machine automatic identification, intelligent cutting, cooperate with Japanese Panasonic servo motors, high efficiency, 90 %above. No heat, low noise, no brush wear, maintenance-free; suitable for dust-free and explosive environments.

    The diatom mud is cut with a single-head vibrating knife or a circular knife, plus a fan and a large camera. The vibrating knife cutting machine is cut by a vibrating knife or a circular knife through high-speed vibration or rotation. The cutting is relatively clean and neat, the size of the pieces is relatively accurate, the software is intelligently compensated, the accuracy can reach 0.03mm, no smoke, no odor, environmental protection and no smearing. , can meet the higher needs of customers, is the best choice for many carpet manufacturers.

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