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Does soundproofing foam really work?

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Does soundproofing foam really work?

Does soundproofing foam really work?

Regarding soundproof foam, people are always asked "Is it good for sound insulation?"

It's pretty safe to say that soundproofing foam will never stop noise from passing from one room to another.

It does not add mass. Foam, regardless of how dense it is will never be made heavy enough to block sound from transferring from room to room. Soundproofing foam should really be called sound absorbing foam.

So why do people buy soundproofing foam and use it? What's the point? Why do I see it on walls in images of loud music studios?

Answer: It is there to improve the internal rooms internal acoustics. Essentially it helps to reduce Echo and Reverb within a space.

Now imagine very bouncy basketballs being thrown around the room. You throw them everywhere, in all directions and they continue to bounce around the room.

imagine again the walls floor and ceiling lined with foam. You throw the balls again, only this time they hit the foam and drop to the floor stopping them from continuing to bounce, the energy from the ball has been absorbed by the foam.

This is no different to a sound wave inside a room, it reflects and bounces off any hard surfaces, but will be absorbed by soft surfaces. This is when the Pro-sound room acoustic treatment systems are used. They absorb the sound and stop the reflected sound travelling back into the room.

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