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EVA foam cutting machine for packaging industry

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EVA foam cutting machine for packaging industry

    EVA foam is compressive, tear and scratch resistant. EVA has become an indispensable product assistant in the packaging industry with a series of excellent properties of elasticity, light weight and fast pressure-sensitive fixation.

    How to better cut materials while retaining the high-quality characteristics of EVA foam, rubber-plastic sponge and other packaging materials is also a problem that manufacturers in the packaging industry consider.

    Yuchen EVA foam vibrating knife cutting machine, the cutting thickness is about 1-10CM (depending on the material), using the blade to cut, no need to manufacture a large number of molds, the cutting process will not produce bevel problems, cutting without debris, for Hole-shaped products with smaller apertures can be punched and cut with punching knives. The entire cutting process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

    Effectively solve the three major problems encountered in the cutting process: "beveled edges are easy to appear in the punching process", "scraps are easily generated in the punching process" and "hole-shaped products are difficult to punch and shear".

    At the same time, the whole machine bed of Yuchen EVA foam vibrating knife cutting machine is equipped with a safety protection system, which can avoid some accidental injuries in the punching and shearing process of the punching machine.


    Yuchen EVA foam cutting machine replaces 4-6 laborers, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency. With the addition of super marker software, it can save more than 15% of materials, and truly achieves double satisfaction for EVA manufacturers to produce efficiently and to pass the product quality.

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