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Fabric cutting machine industry

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Fabric cutting machine industry

There are many types of fabrics, such as chemical fiber carpets, non-woven wall cloth, linen cloth, nylon cloth, ribbons, flannel, etc. These fabrics are basically used in various industries, but the most commonly used should belong to the clothing industry.


Clothing first consider the cutting of clothing samples. In the past, most clothes were cut by hand. Labor costs are high. A large number of garments are customized, which leads to insufficient production. Exquisite clothes are only worn by families with a high quality of life. Later, people invented mold tools, and the output increased significantly, but the cost of a large number of molds was still very high, and after a long period of use, the molds needed to be replaced.


Brief introduction of cloth cutting machine:

1625 cloth cutting machine is a kind of intelligent cutting equipment, equipped with a variety of cutting heads, using automatic feeding system,with servo motor, CNC control knife depth precision 0.01mm, batch scanning and typesetting, so that the precise shape of clothing is not a problem


Product Characteristics

1.Flexible replacement of mult-function heads and cutting tools for cutting different materials.

2.The oscillating knife cutting, fast speed and high efficiency.

3.Using knife instead of laser cutting, no environmental pollution and no bumt edge of matenial, precision cutting withperfect cutting performance, clean and smooth edge.

4.Compared with manual cutting, no manual patteming, saving matenials and labor, more convenient and faster.

5.Softwareis easy toperate,simpile andconvenent.It is equpped with perfect automatic teseting software whichsaves materials and reduces costs.

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