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Gasket CNC Cutting Machine Function

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Gasket CNC Cutting Machine Function

    The gasket is mainly made of paper, rubber or copper and is placed between the two surfaces to strengthen the seal. Commonly used gaskets are non-asbestos gaskets, asbestos gaskets, rubber gaskets, non-asbestos gaskets, aramid gaskets, cylinder gaskets, rubber gaskets, cotton rubber gaskets, silicone rubber gaskets, etc. The shape of the gasket Variety, the traditional gasket cutting machine is difficult to cut irregularly, Yuchen intelligent cutting equipment can fully realize the cutting of complex shapes, many customers choose our gasket cutting machine.

    Now let you explain the specific functions and features:

    1. Equipped with Yuchen intelligent cutting head, the cutter can be changed according to the need, all kinds of gaskets can be effectively cut, and the practicability is strong.

    2. Equipped with automatic feeding device, which can realize continuous feeding, large-span cutting, unlimited theoretical cutting length, improve production efficiency, and high degree of automation.

    3. Yuchen CNC machine tools have high cutting accuracy and small errors.

    4. Vibrating knife cutting, the cutting surface is smooth and round, without secondary processing, can be used directly, reducing production procedures and improving production efficiency.

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