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Gasket Industry Solutions

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Gasket Industry Solutions

1. Introduction

The material of the gasket is generally as follows: rubber, graphite composite board, graphite paper, asbestos, non-asbestos, polytetrafluoroethylene board. The graphite composite board is double-sided graphite, and the middle layer is a stainless steel mesh, which is mainly used in the chemical industry. Asbestos is better than non-asbestos in air tightness, but asbestos is easy to cause cancer when heated. Non-asbestos material is an environmentally friendly material with high price and high quality, which can effectively prevent fire and prevent leakage.


2.. Industry application

Gaskets are mainly used in chemical, petroleum, shipbuilding, power station and other industries to prevent leakage and sealing. For example, the temperature at the joint of the ship's exhaust pipe is relatively high, so high-temperature graphite materials are required.


3. Compared with the advantages of die cutting machine

The cost of the mold is relatively high, and the mold is prone to burrs when it is used for a long time. The cutting size is very limited. Large gaskets exceeding 600mm cannot be cut, and gaskets cannot be perforated. Customers usually use it to cut garbage. The IECHO cutting machine will not have size restrictions and will cut automatically.

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