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Gasket cutting? who can give good help?

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Gasket cutting? who can give good help?

I believe that everyone is familiar with gaskets, and today I will share a few little pieces of knowledge with you.

First, what is a Gasket? A Gasket is an elastomeric component that covers the intersection between two surfaces. They are usually manufactured from a variety of materials, including rubber, cork or paper, metal, copper, and foam. This flexible element can be used for a broad scope of purposes due to its functionality. These include anti-vibration, packaging, hygiene, noise and sound reduction, and most importantly, its most common use, sealing.

What industry does the gasket involve? Gaskets are used in virtually all industries, including Food Processing, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Water and Gas. Gasket materials are chosen for their characteristics and capability to withstand a number of environments such as mining and deep sea, resistance to chemicals, alkaline acids, extreme temperatures, and pressure.

So there are so many types of gaskets, what kind of gasket can Yuchen cnc cutting machine cut ?

Rubber,Compressed Non-Asbestos,Cork,Fiber,Foam,Felt,Flexible Graphite,laminated superwool, manniglas, silica,etc. Believe there is always a material for you to choose. we have an automatic feeding model and a fixed platform model, Whether it is roller or plates, all it can be well work with.

A drawing is imported to the cutting machine, transfer to the machine and the machine automatically cuts out the shape--- this is what our machine can bring for you, simple and smart cutting. At the same time, there are corresponding knives for different material thicknesses to complete the cutting work.

What we have to do is to make the cutting easier and let the staff master the operation faster on the premise of ensuring the quality of the cutting.

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