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Genuine Leather cutting machine

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Genuine Leather cutting machine

    Genuine leather is made from animal skins, and is conceptually equivalent to artificial leather made of artificial chemical fiber materials. The leather mainly includes pigskin, cowhide, horseskin and sheepskin. The edge profile of untreated dermis does not have a complete square or rectangle, and the thickness is about 0.1-4mm. The dermis in the market is generally the first layer of skin and the second layer of skin. The main application areas are leather bags, leather shoes, leather sofas, etc.

    Due to the characteristics of genuine leather (irregularity and high cost of counterfeiting), it cannot be directly cut according to conventional synthetic leather, so a camera is required to extract the leather border.

Commonly used centralized models of leather cutting machines:

1625L + Vibrating Knife + Single Projector + Single Camera + Qinghe

2231L + Vibrating Knife + Round Punch + Brush + Single Camera + Dual Projection + Qinghe

Leather cutting process:

1. Manual skin test

2. Flag flaws

3. Automatically shoot and identify the contour of the leather

4. Automatic material-saving discharge

5. High precision cutting


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