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Genuine Leather cutting machine system

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Genuine Leather cutting machine system

    Genuine Leather cutting machine system, digital cutting expert, perfect combination of craftsmanship and technology. It can realize fast typesetting, efficient cutting, saving time, effort and materials. It has a wide range of uses and can be used for cutting genuine leather and other flexible materials. It is suitable for sample production and small batch production, and tailor-made revolutionary cutting solutions for shoemaking, luggage and handbags, car seats, aviation seats, furniture, clothing and other enterprises.

    Genuine Leather cutting machine product positioning:

    It is used for sample production and small batch production, to solve the contradiction of small orders, many styles, and short delivery time, to meet the ever-changing consumer demand, and to help enterprises quickly seize market opportunities, thereby improving their market competitiveness.

    Advantages of Yuchen vibrating knife genuine leather cutting machine

    1. The cutting speed of the leather cutting machine is 4-6 times that of the traditional manual cutting speed, realizing fast cutting, fast discharging, and fast production, especially for small orders and many styles.

    2. The genuine leather cutting machine adopts computer control, the sample safety distance can be accurate to 0.1-1mm, and continuous cutting, which avoids the damage of laser cutting to the leather, and also avoids the manual error of manual cutting, and the discharge is more accurate to ensure product quality.

    3. The genuine leather cutting machine can increase the utilization rate of materials by more than 5% on average, saving the direct cost of leather materials. Whether it is a leather manufacturing company or a non-leather manufacturing company, considerable material costs can be saved throughout the year.

    Maintenance and maintenance of genuine leather cutting machine:

    1. If there is abnormal noise during operation, stop the operation immediately, find out the reason, and report to the relevant equipment maintenance personnel for maintenance if necessary.

    2. Grease the spindle bearing regularly. (Add once every 3000 hours)

    3. The genuine leather cutting machine should regularly check whether there are cracks in the belt, power button and grinding wheel of the vibrating knife cutting machine.

    4. Regularly check whether the power button is flexible

    5. Check the wear and tear of the cutting knife in time.

    6. When the genuine leather cutting machine is overhauled, the power supply should be cut off first, and the location of the fault should be judged initially.

    7. If the V-belt of the pulley is severely worn, replace the V-belt of the same model and tighten it.

    8. If the spindle bearing is severely worn, it should be replaced in time.

    9. After using the genuine leather cutting machine, clean it up.

    In our daily life, leather products can be seen everywhere, not only the shoes we wear every day often need to use this material, briefcases, sofas, etc. also often need to use leather products. When these leather products were first made, they basically used leather cutting machines to cut large pieces of leather. This kind of machine has many advantages, such as high speed, high efficiency, and low noise.

    There is not only one type of leather cutting machine. Leather cutting machines mainly include laser cutting machines and vibrating knife cutting machines. During operation, the laser cutting machine mainly uses two sets of laser heads to cut leather by moving each other. It is characterized by high cutting efficiency, no waste of fabrics, strong continuity, etc., like many composite leather products or plushs. This cutting machine can be used to complete the cutting work. As we have seen many leather products with a hollow effect, most of them use this kind of machine to complete the production process.

    The application range of the vibrating knife cutting machine is wider. Not only leather products can be used, but products such as rubber, silica gel, carpet, cloth and so on can all be operated with this machine. The characteristics of this cutting machine are that it can effectively save labor costs, will not generate dust, and the cut surface is rounded and so on.

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