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Graphite plate cutting machine

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Graphite plate cutting machine

    Graphite plate cutting machine, also known as vibrating knife cutting machine, can replace Oscillating cutting tool, Pneumatic cutting tool, Creasing Wheel, drawing tool, Punching tool, Driven Rotary cutting tools and other knives, suitable for cutting thousands of materials.

    The vibrating knife cutting machine is suitable for cutting graphite plates with a thickness of less than 30mm, and is more for graphite gasket cutting. At present, this cutting machine has been purchased by many sealing gasket manufacturers. Compared with punching machines and other cutting forms, the vibrating knife The cutting machine cuts relatively well, does not require a die, and can cut graphite metal gaskets.

    Advantages of vibrating knife graphite plate cutting machine:

    1. No need for mold, data import and cutting, low cost

    2. High cutting precision, pulse positioning, cutting error ±0.01mm.

    3. Strong practicability, suitable for cutting graphite plate, asbestos, PTFE and other plates, and also suitable for cutting various flexible materials.

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