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How do we cut gasket?

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How do we cut gasket?

As we all know, the application of gasket industry is very extensive. There are many types of materials and many graphic styles, so how we choose the cutting way ?

Cut manually.

The material can be cut using a utility knife, scissors or shears, or even a battery powered device. The downside is that hand cut gaskets have a tolerance greater than +/- 3.2 mm (1/8") and more than one scratch or cut mark on the material, which can cause jagged or chipped gasket edges, creating weak spots. At the same time, the waste of materials is also uncontrollable.

Die cutting.

A rolling die is made, then the die is placed on the material and pressed into the material by a pneumatic press. It’s more suitable for a small number of custom size cuts.


1. The tolerance of the gasket is much higher than manual cutting.

2. The material yield is much better.


1. Process is still done manually.

2. For large output, molds need to be manufactured for each size, and also need to be maintained during use.

3. the operation should be very careful.

CNC digital cutting machine.

Different materials and different thicknesses can choose different cutters for cutting work. Gasket dimensions are converted to CAD drawing files and then uploaded to the machine for cutting.


1. improved speed, high precision and material saving, the software can perform typesetting. cutting to save material.

2. For custom size gaskets, no molds or tooling required, just upload a CAD drawing.

3. Reduced manual operation time.

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