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How do you cut genuine leather?

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How do you cut genuine leather?

When you Googling for "leather cutting" and you'll probably find many different kinds of machines,but how do you decide which option is best for you? There are the following situations for reference.

"Hand-made": You will see a lot of simple knives displayed in front of you. It is conceivable that whether it is typesetting or cutting, it is manually operated, which is also the most primitive way.

"Leather die cutting machine", you can call manual clicker press machine.


1.Multiple cuts are possible

2.Curving and bowing won’t appear

3.Suitable for small batch production


1.The cutting tool is a sharp blade which can be dangerous.

2.New die for each design,which means you have to cost for each new die.

When your factory has a complete range of products, a variety of designs, and customized products, then Yuchon CNC leather cutting machine is your best choice!

Manual Aspects:

1-2 people can complete the entire process of feeding-cutting-receiving, which not only speeds up the cutting but also reduces manual operations and material waste.

Material Aspects:

Whether you are cutting genuine or synthetic leather, our machines all can be cut well.

For genuine leather, Yuchon provides you with more powerful functions. Due to the irregular shape of the leather, in order to make all the edge materials available.Cameras, projectors and typesetting software aided in extracting the leather's cut edges and imperfections and typesetting on the leather. It not only maximizes the utilization rate of materials, but also saves the cutting time of leather.


Cutting tools:

Yuchon will provide different tool according to the customer's material thickness. At the same time, if you need to make hole and mark on the leather goods. Yuchon can also provide it for you. Cutting, punching, and pen can be done at the same time.

One cutting tool can finish all your product designs, no need to make like die cutting machine, change the new die every time.

Software operation:

When cutting becomes easier, you may be concerned that the operation becomes complicated.

Don't worry, you can learn the software operation and the whole process of machine cutting in 1-2 hours. At the same time, Yuchon team provides you with remote control, and has a comprehensive training video to solve your worries, one-to-one after-sales training service for you supply.

For more detailed cutting information, please ask our team, more help will be provided.

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