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How to Cut Artificial Turf

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How to Cut Artificial Turf

With the development of science and technology, the vibrating knife cutting machine has more and more complete functions, and is suitable for various non-metallic materials such as artificial turf, paper, leather, acrylic and so on. The cutting of artificial turf is none other than the vibrating knife cutting machine.

Artificial turf is made of PA, PP, PE and other materials, and the PP mesh is sewn together by a weaving machine, and then bonded together by styrene-butadiene glue. It is widely used in sports venues such as runways and courts, with good elasticity and comfortable foot feel.

The artificial turf cutting machine can accurately cut the material. According to the drawings provided by the customer, the artificial turf can be cut into the shape required by the customer. The operation is simple, and the layout is optimized to minimize the waste of raw materials and reduce costs. In addition, the machine can cut continuously for 24 hours, with low production cost, high utilization rate of materials, saving time, labor and material, so that the production of enterprises can achieve the purpose of fast, accurate and economical production; for small batch orders, it can be directly cut through the cutting machine; Mechanized production reduces the difficulty of personnel management and saves labor costs; automated production reflects the strength of the company and improves the image of the company.

What are the advantages of Yuchen artificial turf cutters?

1. The self-developed software Yuchen CUT has a one-key import function, and any worker can work skillfully in 2 hours

2. The self-developed industrial vision system can realize the cutting of special-shaped printing materials

3. The super nesting master software improves the material utilization rate by more than 10%

4. Taiwan linear guide drive system, accuracy ±0.1mm

5. Japan's Panasonic servo system, the production efficiency is increased by more than 4 times

6. Automatic loading and unloading, saving time and effort

7. Yuchen's unique quick tool change system enables easy cutting of various soft and hard materials

8. Save more than $75,000 in labor and raw materials every year, greatly improving product competitiveness

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