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How to choose a printed carpet cutting machine

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How to choose a printed carpet cutting machine

Pain points for customers in the carpet industry

1. More and more customized small batch orders

2. Jigsaw mosaic carpet is complicated and unqualified by hand cutting

3. The cutting efficiency of printed carpets is low and the quality is unqualified

4. Manual cutting can no longer meet the increasingly high cutting requirements of customers

5. Professional cutting workers have high wages and are difficult to recruit and manage

6. Hard material carpets are difficult to cut by hand

7. High risk of manual cutting


If you are still troubled by these problems, we suggest you choose

YUCHEN Carpet Mat Cutting Machine

Product advantages of YUCHEN printed carpet cutting machine

1. Our self-developed software has a one-key import function, and any worker can work proficiently within 2 hours

2. The self-developed industrial vision system can realize the cutting of special-shaped printed materials

3. Super nesting master control software improves material utilization by more than 10%

4. Taiwan linear guide drive system, accuracy ±0.1mm

5. The production efficiency of Japan's Panasonic servo system has been increased by more than four times

6. Automatic loading and unloading, saving time and effort

7. unique rapid tool exchange system realizes easy cutting of various soft and hard materials

8. Save more than 75,000 US dollars in labor and raw materials each year, greatly improving product competitiveness

9. The machine has obtained 8 patents at home and abroad


Please indicate the name, size, thickness, etc. of the material you want to cut so that we can recommend a suitable model for you.

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