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How to choose the right CNC cutting machine

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How to choose the right CNC cutting machine

The popularity of CNC cutting machines has become a trend. CNC cutting machines have replaced traditional cutting methods such as lasers. They have made a great contribution to environmental protection, the working environment has no peculiar smell, and it provides safety and environmental protection. When buying a reliable CNC cutting machine, this is definitely a choice, but not only the quality should be considered, but the applicability is more important. Yuchen will show you how to choose a CNC cutting machine correctly.


1)Clarify cutting requirements

First of all, we must consider clearly our business scope, the thickness of cutting materials, which materials need to be cut and other factors, and determine the future development plan, whether there are plans to expand the industry. Then determine the power size of the equipment to be purchased and the size of the workbench. At present, there are cutting blades suitable for different flexible material industries on the market. The work surface can generally be customized according to customer requirements. 


2) The initial selection of the manufacturer

1.After clarifying the cutting requirements, we can go to the market to understand or consult the users who have purchased the CNC cutting machine to see the performance and basic parameters of the machine.


2.Choose several powerful manufacturers for preliminary communication and quotation, contact and communicate cutting samples,


3.After screening competent merchants, if conditions permit, you can visit the factory to discuss in detail the price of the machine, machine training, payment methods, after-sales service, etc.


3)Selection of mechanical cutting performance


1.When selecting machine performance, first determine whether the material to be cut requires high cutting accuracy. Most of the cutting methods of laser cutting machines are rough machining, which is suitable for materials with lower cutting precision requirements. The CNC cutting machine can realize relatively accurate cutting methods for identification and selection.


2.When choosing the performance of a CNC cutting machine, you should fully consider your own environment. The cutting thickness of the cutting machine is very important. We need to choose the blade depth and motor power according to the thickness and hardness of the material being cut. There is no need to choose a pole. Value performance and appropriate specifications can bring the best cutting efficiency, which is of great help to the cost control of the enterprise.


3.The CNC cutting machine is controlled by the computer to cut. The most important factor is the operation of the system. The simplicity of the system operation panel determines the difficulty of operation. A simple operation panel will bring many benefits to recruitment. Advantage.


4.Cutting speed is also a selection factor. In fact, the cutting speed is mainly determined by the hardness and thickness of the cutting material, but within the allowable range, it is more satisfactory to choose a cutting speed. In the long run, there is still much room for improvement in efficiency.


Note: Don't blindly choose merchants because of the price. You must fully understand the product performance and distinguish the quality of the machine, and choose the machine from a comprehensive perspective.


4)Selection of important accessories


We also need to attach great importance to some important parts of the CNC cutting machine. Especially for blades, cutter heads, servo motors, guide rails, etc., attention should be paid to the screening quality. These components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of the CNC cutting machine.


The cutting of the CNC cutting machine is not limited to cutting through. The CNC cutting machine supports different cutting methods, such as vibrating knife, round knife, V-groove, kiss knife, milling knife, etc. These knives can be freely matched according to their cutting needs.


The choice of auxiliary functions is also more important. For example, some materials need to be projected and positioned, or an industrial camera is used for contour extraction. It should also be selected according to the actual situation. This can save 10% of the machine cost and improve work efficiency.


5. After-sales service


No matter how well a CNC cutting machine is made, users will encounter operational technical problems during use. Therefore, whether it has a professional after-sales team is particularly important, as well as the response speed of after-sales and the timely delivery of solutions. This is also an important factor that we need to consider when choosing a CNC cutting machine. This will affect future development and production. If the after-sales response speed is not timely, the entire order plan may be delayed.


If you find this factor is difficult to distinguish, I suggest you find an integrated merchant

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