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How to make a Gasket by Gasket Cutting Machine?

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How to make a Gasket by Gasket Cutting Machine?

Graphite composite gasket, also known as flexible graphite metal reinforced composite gasket, is a kind of sealing gasket which is composed of punched metal tooth plate or punched metal core plate and flexible graphite particles. It is usually composed of flexible graphite composite gasket. Reinforced panel cut.

our company has developed a special cutting equipment for cutting gaskets—graphite composite gasket cutting machine. The cutting edge of this equipment is smooth and flat during the cutting process, and the cutting accuracy reaches ±0.1mm, which is 2-3 times higher than that of manual labor. Efficient, can be profiled cutting, and no need to make molds.

What is a graphite composite gasket cutting machine?

Graphite composite gasket cutting machine is also called CNC cutter cutting machine. It mainly cuts the material through the blade. This cutting machine is mainly for the cutting of flexible materials. Vibration frequency of tens of thousands of times per minute, vertical cutting on the plane, sharp cutting, can cut paper skin, leather cloth and semi-rigid composite materials.

Why choose graphite composite gasket cutting machine for material cutting?


Then there is the waste of materials. A good puncher will give you a way to save materials and reduce waste, but how many such workers can there be? The number of pieces determines his income. In many cases, he doesn't care whether you waste materials or not. Anyway, I made the quantity for you, and the cost issue has nothing to do with me. How can I explain this phenomenon? It's hard to control, you can't stare at it every day, it's too tiring. Moreover, it is becoming more and more difficult to find workers, the labor price of workers is increasing, the overall cost is increasing, profits are continuously decreasing, and the competitiveness of products is also declining. The consequences can be imagined.

Needless to say, laser cutting machines have been mentioned in many articles. The problems of laser cutting machines will not only burn the edges but also smell, and the cut materials have to be processed twice.

The emergence of the graphite composite gasket cutting machine solves all the above problems. First of all, it does not need to be punched. It only needs to import the data into the system to identify the cutting of the material. This step saves a lot of time and cost; secondly The device also has an intelligent typesetting function, which does not require manual typesetting. Compared with manual typesetting, it saves more than 10% of materials. In this way, it can save tens of thousands of costs a year.

The cutting is more accurate. Due to the particularity of the gasket material, the cutting requirements are also relatively high. The software system adopted by our machine can minimize the cutting error. The machine is intelligent and automated, and it is relatively simple to operate, and it can work 24 hours a day to solve the problem of difficult recruitment.

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