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How you cut smart with CNC cutting machine? Little tips for you

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How you cut smart with CNC cutting machine? Little tips for you

When we have chosen the "perfect" cutting machine in our mind, how to make the cutting more smooth?

The cutting machine not only simply understands the cutting process, but also can perform different operations according to different materials, which not only ensures the cutting quality, but also reduces the cutting time. I will share some tips to make you more proficient in operating the machine.

1. Cutting method

When we use the software to make a template and transfer it to the cutting software,

set the cutting direction, clockwise or counterclockwise.

we can set the cutting point according to the graphics.

delete repeated lines, only one cutting path is performed.

Those step it will reduce the cutting time but also edge cutting are smoother.

2. Feeding method

If you have an "automatic feeding model" machine, the ways you can use it will be more diverse.

choose to feed and cut continuously.

the speed and frequency of feeding can be adjusted.

Of course, you can also choose to stop feeding once and start receiving, which becomes a "fixed platform model”.

As I said, it's up to what you need and want.

3. Graphic optimization

The system will have its own optimization method, and the graphics can also be optimized through "typesetting software". Sure you can also manually optimize according to the cutting order you want.

4. Air suction method

The machine will have 2 adsorption methods. “8 zones suction and follow suction”.

8 zones suction is suitable for materials with different sizes. The adsorption area can be determined according to the area where the material is placed, which can make the material more firmly on the cutting table.

follow suction is suitable for cutting small graphics, "wherever you cut, there will be have suction".

These two ways can be converted according to material requirements. Of course, if you want to open all the adsorption, Just click it.

Cutting is not just cutting, it is making work in better way.

The intelligence of Yuchen Machine is far more than that. If you have any problems or questions that need to be solved, please feel free to contact us.

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