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Leather cutting machine

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Leather cutting machine

This machine is a high-efficiency oscillating blade leather cutting machine. It has good quality, fast speed, stable function and competitive price. It provides revolutionary cutting solutions especially for parcels, footwear, clothing, luggage, car and aircraft seats, furniture and clothing industries.


Technical specifications:

Operation properties

Online / offline operation; continuous cutting with high efficiency, 7*24 with zero downtime

Safety device

Infrared adopted; sensitive response; safe and reliable

Maxi cutting speed


Translational velocity


Applicable materials

Mats, PVC, leather, foam composite material, XPE, etc

Multifunctional head

oscillating cutting tool,wheel knife tool

Cutting thickness

0.1-20mm(subject to material)
0.1-10.0mm(subject to the material cutting)

Cutting tolerance


Transmission interface


Transmission system

Linear rail:SMTYCC

Fixed mode

Vacuum absorb

Supply voltage

AC 220V 380V±10%,50HZ

Applicable cutting materials

Mats, PVC, leather, foam composite material, XPE, etc


widely used in Household furnishing industry,sofa cover,tablecloth,etc


Oscillating knife cutting, fast speed, high efficiency; saving material and labor, more convenient and easier to operate for user.

Custom made

Machine size can be customized

Rated power



Innovative features:

1. Double working arms, cutting independently at the same time. The cutting quality is accurate and smooth.

2. The effect of automatic nesting is time-saving, labor-saving, and material-saving, which can be seen on the leather through the projection system.

3. Various materials widely used in the footwear industry: knitted materials, fabrics, PU, PVC mesh.

4. The subsequent adsorption system of vacuum zone can realize continuous cutting.

Automatic vacuum adsorption system

5. Meet the production goals of multi-layer cutting, various orders, patterns, and customized materials.

6. Using the gantry form, the machine is stable and shock-absorbing, which further ensures the accuracy and durability.

7. Operation mode: high-definition projector positioning system + material-saving intelligent discharging software + 8-layer automatic feeding device + double-head simultaneous cutting system.


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