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Leather cutting solutions

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Leather cutting solutions

What are the disadvantages of leather cutting solutions currently on the market? How to solve?


1. Laser cutting produces a pungent smoke smell, which will cause the cutting material to turn yellow.


Laser cutting machine is a highly integrated equipment integrating light, machine and electricity. The emergence of high-tech laser cutting machines is a major turning point, which has improved production efficiency and corporate benefits. However, when the laser cutting machine cuts, it will produce a lot of smoke and smell, and the cut material will produce a paste, which not only pollutes the environment, but more importantly, it will harm human health and affect the respiratory system.


2. The waste of traditional cutting materials is serious, which increases production costs and reduces corporate profits.


yuchen has launched a smart blade cutter in response to these problems.

Here to recommend a Yuchen CNC automatic feeding vibration knife leather cutting machine

1. Typesetting

Yuchen CNC Intelligent Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine has an automatic typesetting function, which not only saves manual typesetting time and improves production efficiency, but also, most importantly, it can make the typesetting more reasonable, maximize the use of raw materials, and reduce waste of scraps. , So that manufacturers no longer worry about material waste.

2. Cutting effect

Yuchen CNC Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine adopts an integrated welding frame and a vacuum adsorption system to make the cutting more stable.

High-frequency vibration knife and imported servo motor make cutting speed faster and improve cutting efficiency. At the same time, the cutting effect is guaranteed, and the cutting edges are free of burrs, neat and smooth, and enhance product competitiveness.

The cold cutting method of blade cutting avoids the high temperature that traditional laser cutting will produce, so that the cutting material no longer has the problem of focal edges and black edges.


3. Machine performance

The selected accessories of Yuchen CNC vibration knife cutting equipment are all international well-known brands, high-quality levers, and long service life. According to the feedback of our old customers, the longest five-year use has not had any major problems. The countertop uses aluminum alloy material, which is more corrosion-resistant. The infrared induction anti-collision system works more safely.

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