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Medical Paper Intelligent Cutting Machine

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Medical Paper Intelligent Cutting Machine

With the advancement of science and technology, medical science is getting closer and closer to our lives. And medical bio-paper, as a kind of biomedical material, is gradually being known by people.

We have learned that bio-paper is a paper made from the high-speed reproduction of microorganisms, which is collected and processed to solve the current environmental problems of trees. Medical bio-paper is made from biological organs and is used for bone fixation and damage repair.

It is precisely because of the particularity of medical biological paper that the requirements for cutting equipment are more stringent.

Yuchen medical intelligent cutting machine adopts blade cutting, no heat source and zero pollution. Compared with thermal cutting technologies such as laser, cold cutting takes advantage of the material properties of biomedical paper to protect it, so it will not harm the material, and will not change the material properties. In addition, blade cutting is more environmentally friendly and more in line with the concept of scientific green safety in the biomedical industry.

Yuchen medical intelligent cutting machine uses high-precision cutting, ±0.1mm cutting error, adopts self-developed system data import one-key cutting, no need for mold, simple operation, can be operated by one person independently, with high precision, high speed, and more stable completion High-quality characteristics of cutting products processing.

At the same time, Yuchen customizes exclusive cutting solutions for each customer to meet different personalized production needs.

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