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Medical Supplies Cutting Machine

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Medical Supplies Cutting Machine

    At present, the demand for medical protective equipment in the market has increased significantly. Common medical supplies include protective clothing, non-woven fabrics and other products.

    What we often see is the cutting machine of PE film products. At present, we have sufficient experience with protective clothing cutting machines. For conventional protective products, we can use pneumatic knives cutting tool or oscillating cutting tool for multi-layer cutting. Up to 200-300 layers can be cut.

    For the cutting of sterile medical supplies required by some clean rooms, we can upgrade existing tablecloths and sheet metal. Guarantee the safety of the production process

    Common configurations are 1625A,cutting area 1600x2500MM.Equipped with vibrating knife and punching


    1:Use a blade to cut, no pollution,High cutting precision

    2:Computer control, automatic typesetting, material saving,

    3:Automatic feeding,one person can control,Save labor costs

Medical Supplies Cutting Machine

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