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Membrane structure cutting machine

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Membrane structure cutting machine

At present, more and more industries use plastic film. For example: electronic optical film, composite bag, superconductor film, explosion-proof film for mobile phone, light polarizer, plastic film, etc. Plastic films are widely used in electronic devices, mechanical equipment, packaging and printing and other fields. Today, let's talk about the related content of plastic film cutting machine!

laser cutting plastic films has appeared on the market, which can cut double-layer plastic films very well. However, because of the high power of laser cutting, the edge of the plastic film is very easy to turn yellow, black and burn due to high temperature. The above situation will obviously harm the actual effect of the design of the film, and will naturally harm the actual effect of the film. With the development of Industry 4.0, a cutting method of the film that can be realized by using a blade has been developed at this stage. The defects in the previous film cutting process are eliminated, and the cutting accuracy and efficiency are further improved.

Our Yuchen film cutting machine has CAM software independently developed and designed, intelligent software compensates and optimizes the cutting path, improves production energy efficiency and saves a lot of raw materials; and adopts high-quality linear guides to ensure that the accuracy error is within ±0.1mm.

Our machines also have infrared sensing safety devices to ensure the safety of the operator during high-speed machine movements, while avoiding the loss of cutting materials. Taking into account the actual use environment of the customer, the anti-interference operation screen is specially configured, and the work is not affected by the surrounding electronic environment.

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