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Method for prolonging service life of intelligent cutting machine

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Method for prolonging service life of intelligent cutting machine

All machines have a service life, and the digital knife cutting machine is no exception. If the machine is used properly, it is possible to extend the service life.

Introduce several methods to you, hoping to help extend the service life of your cutting machine.


一. Pay attention to the environment of the cutting machine

1. It is recommended to place the digital cutting machine in a place where there is no direct sunlight or other heat radiation, because the sun is too strong, the surface of the machine will overheat, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the machine.

2. In addition, the surrounding environment should not be too humid. The base of the cardboard cutter is made of metal. Excessive humidity can easily rust the tool, increase the running resistance of the metal guide rail, and reduce the cutting speed.

Do not place it in places with excessive dust or corrosive gas, because these environments can easily damage the electronic components of the cutting machine, or cause poor contact and short circuits between components, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment.


二. Standard operation of automatic cutting machine

1. According to the correct operation process, it is also the basic measure to ensure the extension of the life of the digital cutting machine. All our machines have operating instructions and dedicated after-sales personnel to conduct one-to-one training for you. Operate according to the standard can reduce the equipment failure rate.

2. It is recommended that operators use the equipment after training. If the equipment fails, please contact the Yuchen after-sales staff as soon as possible and let them tell you the correct way to deal with it. We will provide a video connection service and can remotely order you how to repair it. Of course, you can also find local professional and technical personnel for repairs. Without permission, disassembly and disassembly are not allowed to aggravate the failure degree or secondary failure of the equipment.

3. Normal shutdown

When shutting down, turn off the main power button. Don't shut down forcibly, don't cut off the power suddenly. When the machine is working normally, if the power is suddenly cut off, the graphics layout and recognition operation of the extremely hot software will damage the hardware, especially the hard disk.

4. Pay attention to the protective shell

Generally speaking, avoid collision and avoid irritating corrosive liquid pollution. When you need to clean the shell, wipe it with a wrung out damp cloth or a soft cloth dipped in a special detergent.

Avoid sharp objects contacting the housing. When switching the cutter head, care should be taken to gently insert and pull the cutter head to avoid accidental damage to the shell.

5. Regular machine maintenance

Carry out regular maintenance in accordance with the maintenance procedures and frequency in the instruction manual, pay attention to the time of lubricating oil and cleaning the oil pot.

1).Every working day, you must clean up the dirt on the machine tool and guide rails, keep the machine bed clean, turn off the air source and power supply when you are off work, and drain the remaining gas in the machine tool pipe belt.


2). If the machine is left for too long, please turn off the power to prevent non-professional operation.

Check whether the x-axis, Y-axis, and z-axis zero points, limit switches, and bump mounting screws are loose, and whether the limit switches of each axis are sensitive.

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