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Oscillating Cutting machine cutting tools

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Oscillating Cutting machine cutting tools

Oscillating Cutting Tool

    High-frequency vibration cutting by brush-less DC motor, suitable for flexible and air-tight materials, with different angle blades, and it can cut different thickness materials.

Driven Rotary Cutting Tool

    The blade is driven by brushless DC motor to rotate and cut materials at high speed. It is matched with a round blade or a ten angle blade, which is suitable for cutting breathable materials, like fabric.

V Cutting Tool

    Suitable for all kinds of materials that need to be grooved. V grooved with different angles can be obtained by changing the inclination of the blade.

Creasing Wheel

    The technology of creasing wheel indentation processing was originally only used for paper packing and forming, later gradually applied to the surface processing of various printed materials.

Kiss Cutting Tool

    It is suitable for the cutting adhesive sticker, by adjusting the position of the tip of the knife, the material can be cut though the upper layer without damaging the lower release paper.

Big Power Oscillating Cutting Tool

    Higher vibration frequency, 3-5mm amplitude,it can cut materials with higher hardness or density.

Pneumatic Oscillating Cutting Tool

    The cutter head is driven to vibrate up and down by air compressor with a maximum amplitude of 8-10mm. It is suitable for foaming, sealing and other materials, and cutting high-density materials can achieve ideal results.

Milling Tool

    It is a rotary tool used for milling processing. It is suitable for hard materials and soft foamed materials with a thickness of cut the margin of the work piece when working. Milling cutters are mainly used for processing planes steps, grooves, foaming surfaces and cutting off work pieces. Equipped with a dust suction device to minimize debris during processing.

Drawing Tool

    The drawing pen can be driven by a solenoid valve or compressed air to work, and each piece of material can be marked to achieved the desired effect. Custom high-temperature disappearing refills, high-temperature ironing, oven, and water washing, the notes disappear instantly, and process is free to control.

Punching Tool

    Servo-driven or air punches leave cylindrical holes or holes in the material though rotary cutting or rotary extrusion, and drill precision parts to achieve the desired effect. The smallest round hole size can reach 1 mm.

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