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PE waterproof cloth cutting machine

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PE waterproof cloth cutting machine

    PE waterproof cloth can also be called rainproof cloth. It is a material with good plasticity and good sealing performance. It can be used as rainproof awnings, tents and other products. The cutting of PE waterproof cloth used to rely on manual labor, low efficiency and material waste. The problem of fabric product processing, the vibration knife cutting machine is a good solution to the cutting problem.

    Throughout the entire industry of cloth cutting, material waste and high labor costs have become deep-rooted problems. However, today with the development of intelligence, it is necessary to accelerate the update and iteration of intelligent cutting, from manual to laser cutting to today's vibration knife cutting, Yuchen Has been promoting the continuous progress of intelligent cutting equipment.

    Working principle of PE cloth cutting machine:

    The PE waterproof cloth cutting machine is similar to manual cutting with a blade. Because of its strong mechanical kinetic energy, it can cut single-layer and multi-layer cutting. Single-layer cutting can be cut with a round knife, and the round knife can be cut with a rotating blade. Multi-layer cutting can be The vibration knife is used for cutting, and the vibration knife has up and down amplitude of up to tens of thousands of times per minute, which can have a better cutting effect.

    Advantages of PE waterproof cloth cutting machine:

    The biggest advantage of PE waterproof cloth is high efficiency, labor saving and fabric saving. Independently researched and developed cutting system with imported servo motor, cutting speed 1500mm/s, servo motor adopts pulse positioning, cutting accuracy ±0.01mm, computer operation, pipeline cutting, can be substituted 4-6 people, with intelligent AI typesetting system, intelligent material saving, compared with manual cutting, it can save more than 15% of materials.

    PE waterproof cloth cutting machine price

The price of the PE cloth cutting machine is related to the area of the work surface. For details, please contact: Yuchen CNC:

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