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PET film cutting machine

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PET film cutting machine

PET film is a kind of packaging film with comprehensive performance. It has good transparency and gloss; good air tightness and fragrance retention;

There are many problems in mechanical punching, such as the easy loss of punching and punching dies, inconvenient handling of products after punching, and burrs or burrs on the edges. The bad condition of tearing leads to low production efficiency and product yield, and requires a lot of labor.

In order to improve the above-mentioned problems, a laser cutting processing method and a blade cutting processing method of the PET film have appeared at present, and the laser cutting processing method can well complete the cutting work of the multilayer film. However, due to the high power of laser cutting, the edge of the film is prone to yellowing, blackening and coke due to high temperature during cutting.

Yuchon PET film blade cutting method overcomes the shortcomings of the existing PET film cutting process, has high cutting processing efficiency, greatly improves the yield of finished products, and reduces staffing. And the structure is simple, the positioning is accurate, the adjustment is easy, and the automation requirements are met. The blade cutting method is adopted to meet high-speed, high-precision and high-efficiency cutting. Precision blade cutting has no vibration deviation, stable die-cutting distance and excellent performance. It can meet the functions of shape cutting, size cutting, full cutting, half cutting and other functions of various film products.

What are the advantages of Yuchon PET film cutting machine?

1. One-click import of yuchenCUT self-developed software, ordinary workers can work skillfully within 2 hours

2. Adopt Taiwan linear guide drive system, the accuracy is ±0.1mm

3. yuchen quick tool change system provides a variety of tool options for various materials

4. Super nesting software, the material utilization rate is increased by more than 10%

5. Using Japan's Panasonic servo system, the production efficiency is increased by more than 5 times

6. Automatic pulling and unloading, saving time and effort and more environmentally friendly

7. The whole machine is equipped with anti-static system to protect the safety of personnel to the greatest extent.

8. Professional R&D team can provide assembly line supporting solutions

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