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PVC soft sheet cutting machine

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PVC soft sheet cutting machine

    pvc soft sheet, also known as PVC soft crystal plate, is a new generation of high-tech products made of high-quality plastic composite materials, with smooth surface, uniform color and high transparency. The common thickness of pvc soft sheet is 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 5.0mm, etc. There are mainly three types: frosted type, printed type and transparent type.

    pvc soft sheet widely appears on the surface of glass materials, such as dining table, desk, table, kitchen table and cabinet, which can not only reflect the true color of glass, fashion, but also prevent the surface of glass furniture from being scratched. In industry, pvc soft sheet is widely used in electronics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food factories, garment factories, work platforms, machine surfaces, various office desks, etc.

    Our commonly used models when cutting pvc soft sheet are 1625A, 1625L, 1840L, 1840A, 16120L, 18100L.

    pvc soft sheet cutting machine is divided into double head, single head and edge cutting.

    The difference between the double-blade pvc soft sheet and the conventional machine: two more sets of servo motors are added; the bed is customized to widen and lengthen, the special adsorption platform is customized, and the reinforced fan is used for partition adsorption, so that the air suction is more uniform; the frequency converter is strengthened to protect the fan , strengthen energy consumption; CAD drawing, automatic typesetting with super typesetting software, saving materials and time.

    The single cutter head is basically the same as the double cutter head except for 2 sets of servo motors;

    Big vision: The principle of big vision cutting is to take pictures of the material, then extract the pattern frame, and cut the edge. The pattern should have a black edge of 2-3mm, and the distance between the pattern and the pattern should be 2-3mm, which can ensure the cutting accuracy to the greatest extent.

CCD camera: Mark point cutting requires the original image, the original image and the printed graphic are one-to-one, and the mark point needs to be made, which is related to the printer.

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