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Plush Cutting Equipment

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Plush Cutting Equipment

The plush toys are rich in materials, including shearing cloth, plush cloth, honey velvet, T/C cloth, border cloth, cotton cloth, PU leather, flocking cloth, nylon cloth, etc.; plush toys have a variety of styles, any kind of cartoon Characters, animal images, and emoticons can be expressed through plush toys; plush toys are widely used, and can be used for holiday gifts, event displays, promotional gifts, claw machines, etc.; plush toys are highly customized and can be customized with LOGO and brands Customization, theme derivative development, etc.


If the traditional knife mold is used for processing, not only a lot of molds are consumed, but the production cycle is also long. However, the vibrating knife cutting machine does not require the aid of a knife mold. As long as the toy to be customized is drawn into a map, the fine cutting of each part can be completed with a round knife. Moreover, the plush toy vibratory knife cutting machine is suitable for a wide range of materials, and is suitable for most non-metallic materials. The various materials mentioned above are no problem for the vibrating knife! In addition, if it is equipped with the advanced function of automatic feeding, The fabric is fed into the working platform of the plush toy vibrating knife cutting machine through the automatic transmission belt for cutting, which saves time and effort, and greatly improves work efficiency.


The vibrating knife cutting machine adopts non-contact cutting, and the processing can reach within millimeters. The circular knife of the vibrating knife is used to cut the plush toy with a smooth cutting edge, no burrs, and no yellowing. The product quality is higher. It can perfectly solve the problem of uneven cloth cuts and uneven cloth cutting caused by manual cutting or knife cutting.


In order to meet the processing needs of the plush toy market, customers can flexibly choose a variety of models such as fixed-table cutting machines, automatic cutting machines, automatic feeding vibrating knife cutting machines, etc., and can also customize a dedicated machine according to your needs. Your own vibrating knife cutting machine can meet the craftsmanship of various plush toys.

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