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Prepreg cutting machine

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Prepreg cutting machine

What is a prepreg: A prepreg is a composition formed by impregnating fibers or fabric materials with resin under certain conditions. It is also an intermediate material for composite materials. With certain mechanical properties, structural design can be carried out. During the manufacturing process of composite materials, some properties of the prepreg will be directly transplanted into the composite material, that is to say, the quality of the prepreg directly affects the quality of the composite material.


Prepreg characteristics:

1. The content of the resin can be precisely controlled during the molding process of the prepreg, so as to obtain a finished product with very precise mechanical properties and dimensions.

2. Prepreg is a dry material with a certain viscosity, so it can be laid more accurately.

3. There are no bubbles inside, which can form a good surface effect.

4. The production environment is clean and tidy, which is more environmentally friendly than the traditional composite material processing environment.

5. The disadvantage is that the production process is complicated and the price is higher.


Cutting equipment for prepreg:

Prepregs are widely used, but no matter which industries they are used in, they cannot be separated from the cutting process. The cutting of prepregs is now often used manual cutting. Of course, some simple linear or rectangular manual cutting is slower. Basically satisfied. But when it comes to complex special-shaped cutting, it can't fully meet the requirements.

I recommend a vibrating knife cutting equipment, yu-1625, an automatic feeding vibrating knife cutting machine, which can automatically load materials and automatically typesetting.


The first is precision. Many practical prepreg industries have very high requirements for the cutting precision of prepregs, which cannot be achieved by manual cutting.

The yuchen automatic feeding vibrating knife cutting machine adopts a servo motor and a self-developed multi-axis control system to make the cutting precision higher.

The second is the speed requirement. The speed of manual cutting, even if it is a skilled worker for decades, will lag far behind the speed of machine cutting.

The maximum cutting speed of the vibrating knife cutting machine can reach 140m/min, which is 5-8 times that of manual labor, and it can cut continuously, which greatly improves the output.


The most important thing is the cutting cost. On the one hand, it is the wages of the workers. For skilled workers, it costs at least nearly 100,000 a year; on the other hand, manual cutting materials are wasteful.

The automatic typesetting function of Kangjia CNC intelligent software minimizes the waste of materials, and the machine operation is simple and clear. One person can operate several machines at the same time, which greatly saves labor.

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