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Printed carpet edge finding and cutting machine

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Printed carpet edge finding and cutting machine

Carpets are already an indispensable thing in our daily life. Facing the growing market demand for carpets, for carpet manufacturers, how to efficiently express and cut carpets has become an urgent problem to be solved. And Yuchon CNC cutting machine can perfectly solve this problem.

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Generally, our common carpets and carpets that can be used in our machines are roughly: plain carpets, silk wool carpets, long-haired carpets, tpr bottom carpets, adhesive-backed carpets, (pineapple-patterned carpets, tire-patterned carpets, tufted carpets, These are generally door mats or lettering,), sponge carpets are the thickness of flannel carpets, silk loop carpets, leather carpets, etc.

Printed carpet, non-woven printed carpet, tpr bottom, adhesive-backed carpet, silk circle printing. The knives we provide to customers are generally ordinary power vibrating knives and ordinary power round knives. In special cases, high-power vibrating knives and high-power round knives will be used. For example, if the customer cuts a 2 cm PVC carpet, it needs to use high power, that is, the carpet with thick and hard points of airtight material uses high power. The thick point is similar to a sponge floor mat, and the material of 3-5 cm is used High-power round knife, these four kinds of knives are matched, all carpets can be cut perfectly.

Printed carpet edge finding and cutting machine

At present, the most customer groups we buy are silk wool carpets, plain color drop plastic bottom carpets, carpet lettering, and door front mats. In addition, the premise for printing carpet customers to buy the machine is that the pattern arrangement is relatively regular. If the color difference is not obvious, a 2 mm black border is printed on the edge of the pattern, which is easy for the camera to identify. Great fit. The kind suitable for line sweeping.

To sum up, the vibrating knife cutting machine is suitable for most common carpet materials on the market and has high cutting efficiency.

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