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Printed fabric cutting machine

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Printed fabric cutting machine

    Printed fabric refers to the material that prints the pattern on the material. This material needs to be cut along the edge of the pattern, so professional image recognition software is required, and the printed fabric cutting machine is a professional equipment for cutting this material.

    The fabric cutting machine has a self-developed edge-finding cutting system, matched with camera hardware for photo recognition, to achieve the purpose of cutting. It is simple and basically completed by the equipment itself, so it can replace 4-6 manual workers.

    The equipment has two functions of printing pattern extraction and cutting and contour extraction and cutting. Among them, the printing pattern extraction and cutting is for printed fabrics. After extracting the outline, it is only necessary to find the edge and cut, while the outline extraction and cutting are mostly for cutting irregular leather materials. It is necessary to extract the outline of the material first, and then activate the intelligent typesetting function in the extracted outline to achieve the purpose of typesetting and cutting in irregular materials. This cutting method can save between 10-15% of materials compared to manual work.

    Yuchen fabric cutting machine adopts integrated welding technology, after 800° high temperature heat treatment, the whole machine runs stably for a long time without deformation, and the cutting precision is high. Using imported servo motor, pulse positioning, positioning accuracy ± 0.01 mm, running speed up to 2000mm/s, the efficiency is about 2-3 labor efficiency.

    Yuchen printing fabric cutting machine is not only suitable for printing fabrics, but currently mature cutting industries include: fabric, leather, fur, fiber cloth, sound insulation cotton, etc.

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