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Safety of vibrating knife cutting machine

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Safety of vibrating knife cutting machine

Safety from CNC cutting machine ?! what Yuchon can bring ?

First let’s talk about the safety from oscillating cutting machine

Yuchon cutting machine has three functions to ensure machine safety:

1.The machine will be equipped with infrared sensors.

2.There will be intelligent anti-collision system. comes 4 emergency stop button switch around machine.

Safety measures surround the machine, allowing you to work efficiently in a safe atmosphere.

In addition to safety performance, what else can be guaranteed?

Let me tell you the following aspects:

1. Yuchon CNC cutting machine has a servo motor from Panasonic, which can ensure good speed control and can achieve smooth control in the entire speed range.

2. Using high-precision rack guides, Large bearing capacity and stable operation

3. Adopt one-piece welding bed, no deformation and high precision.

You might be wondering what does this have to do with security performance?

The safety performance itself is an emergency, and good machine accessories make the machine run more stably, which can directly make the machine less prone to problems. Therefore, a good machine is not only a comprehensive protection measure, but also guarantees the machine. smooth operation, which is crucial

Yuchon CNC cutting machine has been making steady progress on the road of making good quality machines, and our belief is to bring high-quality machines to the world.

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