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Shandong YuChen CNC Co., Ltd.

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Shandong YuChen CNC Co., Ltd.

CNC Oscillating knife cutting machine is also called CNC Digital Cutting Machine, a flexible materials cutting machine,widely applied in many industries, such as garment, automotive interiors, household furnishing,advertising, leather, packaging and other industries. Automated cutting greatly improves production efficiency and is satisfied by the majority of manufacturers.

Yuchen CNC Oscillating knife cutting machine include fixed platform cutting machine, automatic feeding cutting machine, Large Visual Profile Cutting machine. 


1.Flexible replacement of multi-function cutting heads and cutting tools for cutting different materials.

2.The oscillating knife cutting, fast speed and high efficiency.

3.Using knife instead of laser cutting, no environmental pollution and no burnt edge of material, precision cutting with perfect cutting performance, clean and smooth edge.

4.Compareed with manual cutting, no manual patterning, saving materials and labor, more convenient and faster.

5.Software is easy to operate, simple and convenient. It is equipped with perfect automatic nesting software which saves materials and reduces costs.

If you are interested in CNC automatic cutting machine, please contact us,we will provide a perfect cutting plan according to your needs.

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