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Shoe sample cutting machine

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Shoe sample cutting machine

Efficient and low-cost cutting system: The shoe pattern is cut quickly and beautifully, which saves the cost and time of knife mold manufacturing, so that new shoe patterns can be put on the market in time and quickly adapt to market changes.


Machine tool control software adopts optimized layout and defect recognition technology


Shoe pattern cutting machine workflow:


1.Pattern input: Scan the shoe sample once with the scanner, and the computer converts the pattern into pattern lines with one button.


2.Design function: Design half-frame jigsaw conveniently and quickly, extract the required shoe pieces from the half-frame jigsaw, automatically add sides, change sides, arrange dots in any order, group sharing designation, and standard icon simulation ranking.


3.Leveling function: It only takes 10 seconds to publish a full set of digital templates, which is accurate and fast.


4.Graph editing: It has various useful special graphs, waveform line editing, graph viewing, graph calling and measurement functions.


5.Sample output: After placing the sample level, the software will automatically typesetting, drawing, and cutting, and automatically remember the position of the drawing and cutting samples, saving materials and having strong practicability.


6.Group-level placement function: In the pattern-level placement of sports shoes and casual shoes, designers need to specify multiple numbers to share one version to save mold costs and smooth production. During the sharing process, you only need to specify a certain version as the shared version, and other related template sharing settings will be automatically converted to complete the scoring.

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