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TPU medical film cutting machine

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TPU medical film cutting machine

When it comes to cutting medical materials, the first thought should be the cutting environment. Medical materials will be used in the susceptible parts of the human body. Therefore, the problem of the cutting environment must be grasped from the source.

Vibrating knife TPU medical film cutting machine adopts integrated welding machine technology, adopts aviation alloy work surface, supports customized food-grade feeding felt, 302 steel cutter, and supports cutting solutions of various materials, including various medical films, hernia patches, etc., Provide a solid solution for cutting medical materials.

Does the TPU medical film cutting machine meet the cutting requirements?

If it can be satisfied, Yuchen vibrating knife cutting machine provides customized cutting solutions, and will provide suitable equipment according to specific materials (redesign functions based on the original equipment), such as medical materials, we provide food-grade working environment, wind power In the blade industry, we provide multi-layer automatic feeding and colleague cutting solutions. If your material is plane cutting and non-metallic materials less than 5cm, we can basically meet the cutting requirements. In addition, for some materials, such as pearl cotton , EPE material, sponge, etc. can do 11cm cutting.

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