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Tent Cutting Machine, Tarpaulin Cutting Machine

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Tent Cutting Machine, Tarpaulin Cutting Machine

The materials of tents and umbrellas are roughly the same, both belonging to a type of tarpaulin. The materials are made of textiles, PVC materials, and nylon. In the competitive market environment, people's requirements for products are becoming higher and higher, and the quality and aesthetics of products are becoming more and more important. This also puts higher demands on processing.

Hardware advantages of Yuchon vibration knife tent cutting machine:

The vibrating knife tent cutting machine adopts integrated square tube welding technology, weighing about 1.5t. The entire machine undergoes high-temperature heat treatment to ensure stable and long-term operation of the machine during high-speed operation without deformation, ensuring accuracy. The work table is made of 42mm aviation alloy, with an accuracy error of 0.1mm and is wear-resistant and difficult to corrode. The feeding felt is selected from the Dutch brand, with a thickness of 4mm and a longer service life. The internal accessories are all imported electrical appliances and have undergone strict testing. Low failure rate and long service life. The motor adopts Panasonic brushless servo pulse positioning system, with a positioning accuracy of ± 0.01mm, high cutting accuracy, and more energy-saving.

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