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The development history of Yuchen

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The development history of Yuchen


Started and developed the first osciIlating knife cutting machine in northern China,and successfulIy launched it into the Chinese market,making a splash in the car mat industry.


二、Invested a Iarge amount of special funds,introduced professionaI engineers,developed our own operating system and cutter head motherboard program,and lead the north oscilIating knife cutting machine into a broader field.


三、global market

Carrying love and hope,go abroad to bring dreams and wealth to Italian friends.


四、“Yuchen” brand

The high-end brand " Yuchen " was officially Iisted , and new equipment appeared on the market , attracting countless imitations and becoming the benchmark Ieading the cutting of fIexibie materials in the north,always imitated ,never surpassed



“Qiyuxuanang , Beichen Star Arch” Yuchen people are on the way:technology goes with the times:after-sales and quality are at the same time:in the future.we are here.

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