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The difference between vibration knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine

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The difference between vibration knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine

  Laser machine is used in cutting flexible materials. Compared with rotary knife, the cutting surface is very good, clean and smooth.

  But the maintenance of the laser machine is also more, the laser head will heat after a long time, and need water cooling.

  Because the laser is through high temperature to complete the cutting, so after cutting the fabric, there is a great chance to leave a yellow mark. Another drawback is that the smell is very strong. Environmental protection departments in many places check it in three or two days and basically refuse to use it. Therefore, many factories are no longer using it.

  The vibrating knife cutter vibrates up and down when cutting. It vibrates tens of thousands of times per minute, similar to the principle of saw blade. However, it has no sawtooth and will not produce powder. The vibrating knife cutter can change the cutter head freely. According to different materials, it can choose Driven Rotary,Kiss cutting tool, V cutting Tool,Oscillating cutting etc.

  The finished products cut by the vibration knife are clean and smooth, and the size of the cut pieces is accurate, odorless, more environmentally friendly. Soft and hard materials are available, and the foot cushion and cushion leather modification system is well used.

  Its cutting speed is twice that of a rotary knife and twice that of a laser. It is also the first choice for many enterprises.

  1. With the increase of cutting speed, the cutting speed of vibration knife can reach 2000mm / s, which can greatly improve the production capacity. A cutting machine is equivalent to 4 to 10 workers.

  2. Improve the accuracy, the accuracy of vibration knife cutting machine cutting materials up to 0.01mm, can maximize the accuracy of products, improve product quality and competitiveness.

  3. Intelligent promotion, the vibration knife cutting machine only needs to input the graphics to be cut in the computer, and can cut automatically, without manual monitoring and control.

  4. To improve the freedom, you can choose CCD camera, projector, double cutter head, double dragon door, lengthen and widen the working area of the cutting bed, etc., and customize them according to your own needs.

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